My Background

My name is Rohan, I was born in Austin, TX but was raised in Hong Kong. I've been playing basketball for as long as I can remember. I love it more than anything else and the sport has taught me incredible life skills including resilience, work ethic, and pursuit of excellence. I owe all of my character development to the sport and I hope to continue playing it professionally.

High School

My desire to play collegiate basketball led me to attend boarding school in the US, first at Northfield Mount Hermon (Massachusetts) then at Kimball Union Academy (New Hampshire) so that I could play basketball at a higher level. My Sophomore year at NMH quickly humbled me as I was put on the Junior Varsity team due to not being able to compete with the Varsity players. However, I talked to the varsity head coach about how I needed to improve to get a spot on the Varsity roster. He told me, and I went to work. I scheduled time in between every single class to go to the gym to put up shots or lift. I scheduled time with assistant coaches to help me with ball handling, form, and defense. I was putting in more work than anyone on the roster. During Varsity open gyms, not only was I invited to compete but I competed well and won scrimmages. During my Junior Year tryouts, the Varsity Coach had recruited 8 players from outside of the school to join and ultimately I wasn't guaranteed a spot on the roster. Coach told me if I stayed one more year he would give me a spot during my senior year, however, knowing how important my Junior year would be for recruitment, I felt that I would be better off playing on a Varsity program elsewhere which led to my transfer to Kimball Union Academy (KUA) in the winter of my Junior Year.

At KUA, I had a spot on the roster and my coach was easing me into the playing rotation. However, three months into my time there, coronavirus quickly spread through the US and my ability to build a reputation on the team was quickly impended. I spent the summer playing against Hong Kong professional basketball players (players in the HK League and ASEAN Pro League) and waited to return to KUA to continue my senior year.

A few weeks after returning to campus, I broke KUA's quarantine rules to go to Chick-fil-A with a friend to get food, an activity I did frequently pre-COVID. However, after returning to campus, administrators knew that students had broken the rule and suspected my involvement. Regrettably, I lied to the faculty and denied my involvement, even though they had video evidence that it was me. As a result, I faced the consequences for my actions and was asked to continue the remainder of my school year from home. When I found out the result of my actions, it was one of the worst days of my life. I had betrayed my parents, my community, and my dreams and I was terrified I would not get a second chance to restore these pillars. This has been a huge learning experience for me and I am currently home in Hong Kong restoring my parents' faith in me by studying hard and still playing basketball against the Hong Kong pros to keep my dreams alive.

My Future

My dream is to play college basketball and eventually in the NBA. I have been told by several players (that have been recruited to D1) and other coaches that I have talent and I know I have the work ethic to reach my goals. Currently, I need a college program to take a chance with me. Understandably so, I can't rely on my KUA Coach to do outreach for me due to my actions. I have nothing to lose at this point and this is why I am transparent with my story. I am still actively trying to be recruited and would engage in conversations with any institution that will offer to give me a chance with their program. I am a hard worker and am extremely coachable and would welcome any outreach. One thing that I have missed in my high school career is a sense of belonging to a team and a sense of consistency. I will dedicate my next four years to be a strong contributor to the team that takes me in. I will continue playing in Hong Kong and will be livestreaming my scrimmages for the next few months, please tune in if you get the chance.

I will be coming to the US in May and can meet coaches in person if they would like.

My Stats

Height/Weight: 6'3'', 180lbs

Position: Guard

Strengths: strong 3-point shooter, catch and shoot, driving to the basket, off-ball movement

NBA Player Equivalent: I like to compare myself to Bradley Beal though I can improve in my athleticism.


  • Current Year: pursuing distant learning

  • 2019-2020: Varsity team: Kimball Union Academy, New Hampshire

  • 2018-2019: JV team: Northfield Mount Hermon, Massachusetts

  • 2017-2018: Varsity team: Hong Kong International School, Hong Kong


  • Coach McClure @ KUA Academy:, Ph: 207-281-7181

  • John Alexander @ Global Squad:, Ph: 240-620-9403



  • Junior Year - 1st Semester Senior Year: 3.72

  • Cum. GPA: 3.45


  • Oct 3rd test score: Total – 1300 (91% percentile)

    • Math: 700 (95th percentile)

    • English: 600 (79th percentile)

  • Super scores: Total 1320, Math @700 and English@620